Reminder of the Child Within

When we are conceived, we grow within our Mother’s womb. Everything a Mother is feeling and experiencing in her life at that time transfers energetically into you. If your Mother lived her life in a state of constant stress, you as the embryo, felt it. Your Mother may have struggled with depression, anxiety, alcohol, drugs, or spousal abuse. As that precious embryo you felt this also. You felt all of her thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Maybe your Mother was not happy about being pregnant and you were an unwanted child. Possibly your Mother could not feel overjoyed that you would be in her arms in 9 months. Yes, you would be right that you felt that too!


Whatever the circumstances that were in your Mother’s life at the time of your birth, it started you on a journey of awakening to the facts and truths. As you grew from being a baby, to a toddler, a youth, a tween, teen, young adult, and adult, many of your experiences may have seemed like, this must be normal. After all, what do you have to compare it to? Until one day as you move about the world and awaken more and more to the experiences you have had thus far, you realize something does not feel right within you. That’s the moment when it’s time to reevaluate those thoughts, feelings, and emotions and entertain a healing journey. I would like to say it’s easy. All you have to do is wave a crystal wand over yourself from head to toe and viola, you stepped into a different life for yourself. But that would not be the truth. It’s a process to unfold the truth.

As you search your soul deeply and think to yourself, “I am Worth It” to heal, therein lies your light bulb moment and you begin to find your way back to the “Child Within.” We all have a “Child Within.” Have you forgotten who he or she is or that your child even exists?


I can completely confess that your inner child is alive and waiting for you to do the necessary work to know they exist. Your inner child is waiting to work in harmony with your adult. The soul of the inner child holds the truth of who you are and is waiting for your discovery.
Traumatic experiences, either from the womb, or in early childhood can cause the inner child to freeze, retreat, or hide, closing the door in your consciousness to protect itself. In adulthood, you may not remember and could be filled with many blocks. Working on these blocks to uncover the things in your life that are not working is a way to allow the inner child to heal and feel safe to emerge to begin working together with your adult.

Signs the Child Within Needs Your Attention

  • Self-Sabotage
  • Over-Eating
  • Nail Biting
  • Autoimmune Issues
  • Lack of Self-Care and Self-Acceptance
  • Angry Outburst for no Reason
  • Workaholics

I want to share some of my own stories and hopes that it will inspire you to open to your own “Child Within.”

I was born in the South into an unhappy dysfunctional family. Love did not exist and the thought of ever hearing someone say the words, “I love you,” well, let’s just say, I had a better chance of meeting an alien from another planet.

My Mother lived life from a state of being a breath away from a meltdown. My Father was an unfaithful man who was always emotionally checked out. As a toddler and then a little girl I set out to try to understand how to fix and heal them. I just wanted them to love each other and be happy. This caused me to feel depressed and unsuccessful. What I did not understand at the time was, you need willing participants willing to do the necessary work to heal from their own pains and challenges. You need people willing to acknowledge they have a problem and through doing their due diligence and going within to heal; that could then be a beautiful start to reaching joy, happiness, and a blissful state of living. Sadly this was not their choice and they left this world with the same anger, pain, hurt, and lack of forgiveness. This does not have to be who you are! We all have a choice and I dare you to choose to think differently!


So let’s fast forward to my adulthood. I have spent my life working on myself to heal from those experiences because they do not serve me. My major “Light Bulb” moment was when my son was born. I have had many wow moments, but this one brought great clarity and awareness to me. Through being the best Mom I could be, I received a vision through watching my son which enabled me to meet my “Child Within.” God showed me clearly who I was before the trauma and dysfunction happened. Through this major awakening, I began to soften my heart and became more open, allowing laughter to enter my being. I actually became silly and funny. Much of the old energy started melting away. The closed doors started opening. What I found with the “Child Within,” was the soul of my child filled with unconditional love to give.

5 Key Things That can Help you Bring the “Child Within” Forward

  1. Carve off time in your day to play
  2. Read something funny to experience laughter
  3. Take a walk allowing the wind to blow your hair even if gets messy
  4. Bake your favorite cookies have ice cream or your favorite candy
  5. Take a bubble bath with your favorite happy music, allowing me time

Life is far too precious to not allow yourself to know your “Child Within.” If I can help in any way to lead you on a journey of knowing your “Child Within,” please reach out. I would love to work with you so you can experience being more carefree, balanced, feeling harmony, happiness, and joy. The soul of your child will be forever grateful.

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