Telepathy is the ability to sense someone’s thoughts through their mind, give and receive communication. One could also describe this gift as being part of ESP.

Some people describe telepathy as receiving a download of information. Another form of telepathy is someone who is an Empath. An empath has the ability to interpret, sense, read people’s energy and emotions.

Our brains are so much more powerful than we have ever been led to believe. It is fair in saying that thoughts are consciousness and beliefs. Then why would we not believe that our thoughts and beliefs could be transmitted? After all, thoughts and beliefs are vibrational energy. It can be measured through an EEG. Through measuring your brain waves you can see your different states of consciousness like when you are meditating. The 4 levels of the brain waves go into are Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma waves.


On the website, they describe a research study by scientists in Barcelona, Boston, and Strasbourg. The article talks about how this study marked the first time conscious thoughts were transmitted between individuals. They recorded the brain signals of one person in India with a computer system converting them into electrical brain stimulations and relaying them to recipients in France. The research team developed a noninvasive method of the brain to brain communication. The transmitted messages were a simple greeting: “Hola” in Spanish and “Chiao” in Italian. The distance was 5000 miles away.

Some other forms of Telepathy are:

~Out-of-Body Experiences – an experience of being projected outside of the physical body. An ability to be limitless and travel to other places. Also called, astral projection on a non-physical plane, moving in the etheric or spiritual.

~Telepathic Aura – an ability to see the colors of a person’s aura in the energy field and interpret what is there. They can also have the ability to hear other people’s thoughts.

~Remote Viewing – someone who is given a target to psychically travel out of their body to view geographic locations, objects or archaeological sites. This technique was used in the military back in the 1980’s when Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland. There was a particular unit of the military that did remote viewing in order to find the lost plane and where it went down.

~Telepathic Empath – the ability to hear, feel, and sense the emotions of others. This is a God-given gift that combines telepathy and empathy.

~Telepathic Psychic – This is a person who has the ability to receive transmissions from spirits who have crossed over into the afterlife. This gift can heal many people left here in the physical form on earth who experienced a negative experience from someone who has crossed over or bring comfort to someone who has a challenging time moving forward after a loved one has passed. This can bring great healing to someone needing to hear, “I’m sorry or will you forgive me” in order to heal and go forward in their life.

There are many ways to telepathically communicate. Some people communicate with animals while others communicate with trees, plants, and nature. One of the most beautiful telepathic communications is with the Dolphins. Dolphins have a child-like spirit. When they show up to communicate, they generally are there to remind us to embrace our own child-like spirit. In other words, your inner child needs to emerge and come out and play.


A few years ago while in meditation, I saw myself in a body of water. A group of Dolphins swam over to me and placed an air bubble around me. They communicated to me that I was capable of breathing underwater. I was stunned and unsure about that. but decided to take a breath and breathe. They were right! I was breathing freely under the water with no problem.

From this experience, I learned that all it takes is a little trust and courage to try moving out of the vibration you have been in, in order to awaken to your greater abilities you may be unaware of. All it takes is one step at a time. Eventually, those steps lead to bigger steps which then leads you to more confidence and self-worth. Embrace being loving and kind to you. When you are loving and kind to you, this leads you to be loving and kind to humanity, animals, nature, and Mother Earth.


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