Intuitive vs. Psychic: What is the difference?

In the Oxford Dictionary, it defines Intuitive as using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.

Merriam Webster describes Psychic as a person sensitive to non-physical forces.

It is important to understand the difference between a person working on the Intuitive plane versus a person working on a Psychic plane.

When you are in Intuitive energy, there is an unexplained place within you where collective feelings lead you to the next place of knowing. Many Empaths will understand that place of residing in this attunement. In this place, it feels like antennas are sticking up all over your body in which you are receiving pure information through these gifts. An Intuitive Spiritual Coach tends to display a sensitive approach to what is being given.

There is the old saying “I’ve Got a Gut Feeling.” Within each person, there is a safeguard that takes you to a place to receive a warning when there is “Danger” or that feeling you need in order to know to protect yourself. You can strengthen your intuitive abilities through daily meditation or going on a silent walk in nature. Over time your heart will be more open and you will awaken to the fact that you are a receiver and enjoy connecting with greater truths.


Ways in Which You Can Be More Intuitive

-Meditation (Daily)

-Silent Walks in Nature (At Least 1 Hour)

-Prayer (This Grounds You)

-Listening to Vibrational Sounds Such As:

~Tibetan Singing Bowls

~Crystal Bowls

~Therapeutic Sound Frequencies (Between the Spectrum of 20 HZ & 20,000 HZ with Headphones)


Another gift to intuition is telepathy which I will go into greater detail in an upcoming blog, so stay tuned!

As the brilliant man he was, Albert Einstein once said,

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant.”

It is fair in knowing that Psychic abilities travel through bloodlines. Just because your Aunt or Grandmother was psychic does not mean you have it too. There are many factors involved. If as a child you saw spirits all around, it could have frightened you so bad that you shut these gifts down. A child could have grown up in an abusive home and the trauma caused them to escape these gifts because they felt unsafe.


Being Psychic brings you into somewhat of a trance state of allowing a crossed over person or loved one to communicate. It could be this spirit cannot rest until they can deliver an “I’m sorry” to someone they hurt or did wrong when they were in physical form. Someone who is Psychic can also receive what is called, “a premonition” which is a vision of something that has not yet happened. With a Psychic consultant, the session is delivered in a “more matter of fact” manner due to the way the reader received the information and can be blunt at times without emotions behind it which is how the spirit is without the physical body.

Thank you for all the support in reading my blogs and sharing them with others. I hope this has shed light for you in understanding the differences. It is my belief that we are all here to support one another in this life’s journey. Please share your smile with someone today that may be going through a tough time. Your smile may just give them hope in what they are coping with. Namaste!


JoAnn Kisler

JoAnn is an Empath, Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Sound Energy Healer, and Workshop Facilitator. Her greatest rewards are assisting beautiful souls in their awareness, healing, and transforming their lives. Blessings to all!

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