What does it mean to raise your vibrational frequency?


For centuries, sages and spiritual leaders of the East taught that humans were beings of light contained in material vessels we call our bodies. Now, with modern advancements in science and the development of quantum theory we realize just how accurate they were. By the 20th century, scientists all around the world agreed that atoms, the building blocks of all matter, are actually in a constant vibratory motion and emitting energy. While we may not always be able to consciously perceive this energy, we are still subconsciously affected by it. This doesn’t just apply to humans either, in fact, studies show that plant seedlings that are exposed to peaceful, harmonic music actually grow at a faster rate and are typically healthier than plants in the control setting (without music).

So what does vibrational energy mean to you?

Your vibrational energy is essentially the frequency or mode in which you live, breath, and have your being. When operating on a “higher” frequency, one can expect to literally feel lighter and more uplifted from the burdens of the world. Likewise, the aura or energy that they emit will be reflective of this and will be more brilliant and welcoming. On the contrary, those operating on a lower, more dense level, will find themselves to be “bogged down” by their emotions and in a state of mental confusion. They may feel depressed or like their life and circumstances are out of their realm of control; but this is not the case.


We resonate, perceive, and are influenced by vibrations aligned with our own. Like attracts like. Consider your radio, if you’re not tuned in to the right frequency/station, the message or signal isn’t received. So it is with consciousness. If you’re not mentally tuned in to the frequency you need to be at, you won’t receive the gifts the universe has to offer you.


How can we begin to regain our spiritual balance and “raise our energy”?

Attitude is everything. This simple aphorism serves as an excellent reminder that our perception directly influences our reality. Focusing our energy on negativity and apprehensively approaching life’s obstacles will ultimately only leave you distressed and unfulfilled. However, on the contrary, thinking positively and looking for the lessons in our hardships is a great way to start embracing our destinies and living our best possible lives.


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What does it mean to raise your vibrational frequency?

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  1. When I was in grade school we had to do a science project. I had read that plants are affected by music, so my experiment was to plant three separate bean seeds, each in their own starter pot. I watered each of them exactly the same measured amount at the same time of day. They each got exactly the same amount of sunlight. The only difference was that once per day I took each of them aside and in turn I played classical music to one of them for a while, the other I did nothing, and the third I played acid rock to for the same amount of time. I also praised the first, said nothing to the second, and scolded the third. The outcomes were as predicted, the one I praised and to which I played classical music grew the tallest, the one I scolded and played acid rock to barely grew, and the one I did neither two was in the middle.

  2. Hi Nina,

    Thank you so much for sharing that story. Speaking positively to each other, animals, plants, and to all that is in existence makes a huge difference in the energy within us and around us! Namaste!??

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