The Importance of Using Colored Glass Bottles to Make Sun Water

From Ancient Times along the Yucatan Peninsula, the Mayans were storing rain water in earthenware pottery which increased the frequency of the water. The Mayans and the Aztecs believed the most important object was the sun. They knew that the sun and water were the resources of life on earth. The Mayans often made sacrifices to keep the sun happy.

I will take a moment to discuss the importance of colors. Colored glass holds different energy frequencies. Color has an effect on our moods, emotions, and well being. Each color has a different wave length of frequency. Just like radio waves have frequencies, colors have frequencies as well. When you look into a prism as light passes through, you witness a wave of colors going into high and low frequencies. Some colors can pull on your emotions mentally, physically, and spiritually. Some examples of color frequencies of low and high are:

  • Low Frequencies:  Red and Yellow
  • High Frequencies:  Blue and Violet

With Blue holding a high frequency of energy, many studies have proven that water holds memory and is affected by people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Energizing the water in cobalt blue glass and placing it in the sun increases the vibration of the water. 

If you are familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto who did studies in the 1990’s proving water has memory and consciousness. He began speaking to the water with words, phrases, prayer, music, and sound frequencies. He used both positive and negative words and watched under a microscope frozen water droplets molecular structure change. Positive words and famous musicians music created beautiful ice crystals. On the hand negative words and phrases produced dark distorted crystal structures.



In order to create positively charged energy water, it is important to use spring water and fill Blue Cobalt Bottles and place them in the sun. Leave them in the sun for 2 hours but no longer than 12 hours.

Imagine the power of energy and consciousness the sun water holds. A key element to for you to do, is send your communication of thought and intentions into a bottle of sun water. It’s the best for your mind, body, and spirit! Be patient and watch the difference in your life within 30 days of consistently drinking the positively charged water. Many Blessings and Shifts in your life are always happening if you believe! Much Gratitude for stopping by and reading! The power is within you!

~JoAnn Kisler~

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