The Trends in Today’s Market for Life Coaching

In today’s world people are looking for a quick fix to life’s challenges without taking the time to do the work on themselves. Instead of remaining in a “stuck” position it is important to take a moment to realize the choices you have made that led you to that position in the first place. At this point it is time to seek a Life Coach. There are varying degrees of Life Coaches.

Some of the key elements when you are seeking a Life Coach are:

~Great Listener:  This quality is key in order for the Life Coach to target the root challenges you are experiencing in order for them to begin to unwind the web you have woven.

~Intuitively Connected:  An increased level of perception resulting in a higher state of consciousness that brings the client into an awareness they otherwise would not have.

~Empathic Attention:  Greater feeling and understanding of the way the client is feeling. A level of sensitivity that can inspire strength and encouragement.

~Spiritual Approach: The ability to go deeper into the soul to target child, teen, or adult trauma internally that has caused pain and trapped the client in fear and or a state of experiencing many blocks. This helps the client peel away the layers that no longer serve them in their life.

~Rising to Bliss:  Tapping within the soul to experience a sense of harmony and joy. Experiencing the magnificence that lies within each of our souls.

When seeking a Life Coach it is key for you to interview them. Listen carefully to how they answer your questions. Do you feel they are connected and taking the time to talk to you? Ask them what was the defining moment for them that awakened them to wanting them to become a life coach. Be engaging!

Most important, be mindful of the level of compassion you experience when taking this journey seeking a Life Coach. This path with them should be the defining moment that helps you transform your life. For the Life Coach, you as a client is a gift that teaches them as well through this experience of guiding the shift for you. Know that you must do the work. No one can fix or change your life except you. A Life Coach is your guide to the steps you need to take to transform into more experiences of Bliss.


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