The Importance and Effects of Meditation on the Mind, Body, and Spirit

In our previous blog we talked about what it means to Raise Your Vibrational Energy. We concluded our discussion by briefly going over one of the methods you can use to restore your essential being back to their heightened states. This week, we’re going to discuss another popular and effective technique called meditation that people all across the world use to find mental peace and clarity.

            Although it’s widely accepted that meditation has its origins in ancient India as a spiritual Hindu practice, upon closer examination you would find that it is actually a culturally universal practice that takes many different forms. In Christianity, the bible refers to meditation in Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God…”. In Judaism, one of their earliest mystic texts, Sefer Yetzirah, contains a plethora of Jewish meditative techniques. And in Islam, adherents revere their form of prayer (salaat) as a meditative practice.


So, what exactly is meditation?

             Meditation is all about concentrating your focus and cultivating awareness. One of the most popular contemporary forms of meditation is derivative of the yogic practice Asana, or posture. Essentially, you are to assume a position that is comfortable to you, the lotus pose is a common choice although beginners will probably find it more suitable to simply sit with their legs crossed “Indian style”, and attempt to remain perfectly still throughout the duration of your practice. As you do this, try to focus your attention on your breathing. You’ll begin to notice that your focus is constantly drifting as your mind becomes distracted by an assortment of seemingly random things. From song lyrics, to your day’s obligations, all the way to the joke your coworker told you last week, you’ll be amazed at how difficult it can be to just stay focused. With daily practice and devotion though, it will inevitably get easier and you can reap some pretty substantial benefits.


            Science has shown that meditation serves as an effective treatment for an increasingly wide range of conditions. Participants in studies have been tested and reported improved memory and cognitive function, significant decreases in anxiety, depression, anger, and fatigue, and even report that meditation served as a valuable treatment for addiction. All these incredible benefits for the expense of only 30 minutes a day. So what do you think, is meditation something worth incorporating into your daily routine?


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