Our Sacred Breath

As you take a moment to breathe in, close your eyes and think about the importance of your breath.

Our breath is sacred and is the source of our life force. It cleanses our cells and strengthens our immune system. Conscious breathing shifts the chemistry in your brain and raises your vibration and ability to focus. The breath detoxifies the mind, body, and spirit. There have been times when you have experienced stress in your life. If you have noticed, the moment you took a deep breath and released it you felt calmer by doing so.

Children are a great example of sacred breathing. They are carefree, they run, play, laugh, and breathe much deeper than adults. As we get older, our breathing becomes shallower and we do not pay much attention to it. It becomes more important as adults to practice deep conscious breathing exercises to achieve the following:

~Calms our emotions

~Brings you into a state of centeredness

~Oxygenates your cells

~Strengthens your immune system

~Increases oxygen and blood flow to your brain

~Relaxes your nervous system

~Increases energy

~Better digestion

In India, they refer to the breath as Prana meaning life force. Through pranayama, they believe it raises your consciousness, makes you healthier, and slows the aging process if practiced on a regular basis. Through yogic breathing, you stimulate and activate the vagus nerve which connects the brain to everything. Practicing sacred breath breathing techniques can lower your blood pressure as well. Studies have been conducted on the positive effects of breathwork and meditation.


Taking in your sacred breath reminds you, you are alive, you are filled with vitality and wonderment. Breathwork brings in healing an cleansing on a cellular level. It is a bridge that unlocks the magnificence of you. In doing so it illuminates the essence of your soul which brings more clarity into the present.

Begin today taking the time to feel better through conscious sacred breathing. Align yourself with the rhythm of your breath in order to cleanse, center, and receive greater clarity in your life. Your cells with thank you for it!


JoAnn Kisler is an Empath with a Masters Degree in Metaphysics.
She is an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Sound Energy Healer, and Meditator

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