Holding Space for One Another

How many moments in your life have you felt empty, depressed, alone, frightened, indecisive, grief-stricken, or just wished you had a friend? Of course, you have! All of these moments have happened to most of us. Many times you have experienced not being able to talk or share how you are feeling with family members because you know they just wouldn’t understand. Some people have just shut their emotions down and refused to feel anything. Your emotions have been shut down for so long you have forgotten when you shut them down.

It is in these moments when you need someone who understands what it truly means to Hold Space for another person and to show up in your life to shine their light and guide you through.

The Ultimate Qualities for Holding Space

~Allow a Person to Feel:  Many people have shut down their emotions to trauma or unresolved emotions. This quality encourages a person to open their mind to addressing their emotions so that feeling can come pouring through which then dislodges the stuck energy so it can be released.

~Great Listener:  Listening without making comments allows for a deeper connection and helps with gaining comfort in a person sharing their stuff so healing can take place.

~An Open Heart:  Having an open heart brings warmth and compassion into building a level of trust and caring which then encourages the person to begin to open their heart and learn to feel again.

~Non-Judgment:  When holding space it is key to listening without finding fault or judging the issues at hand. It allows a person the space to address the things that are needing to be addressed so they can do the work and shift their journey.

~Support:  You are emotionally supporting a person through difficult and challenging times in their life so they feel safe to start living their life again in many cases.

~Being Present: It is important to be present with a person at the moment. Clear yourself, your energy, and your schedule to be here and now to support the person’s needs.

~Honor the Journey:  You must honor their journey from just how far they have come up to this point as they transition and transform to where they want to and need to be. In doing so, it allows them the freedom to feel the movement and flow of their energy and life.

A Little Kingdom I Possess, Where Thoughts and Feelings Dwell; And Very Hard the Task I Find of Governing it Well.

~Louisa May Alcott~

We are all a work-in-progress shifting, moving, changing, and transforming. Guess what? You are where you are supposed to be! Stand back and separate yourself as you become a greater observer. We all can learn so much from observing. It teaches us to be kinder and more compassionate with ourselves and with each other as we learn what it means to serve one another. Know that serving one another and holding space is one of the highest forms of consciousness.


When you hold space for another, it teaches you so much about yourself that you otherwise may not have known. Many times you will see aspects of yourself in the person you are holding space for all the while supporting them on their journey called life. Remember it is important to show up as an equal in this process instead of one being superior over the other. Leave the ego outside the door. In doing so you are bearing witness to both of your lives transitioning forward. The rewards for holding space will bring immense bliss to your heart and color your world beautifully.

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