I have never heard of a “Spiritual Life Coach” and being a terrible skeptic most of my life in terms of self help books, different methods of dealing with life, any kind of therapy, etc., but learned the importance and strength of what JoAnn does.

For ten years, I have been using the same therapist to help me deal with life’s challenges as they come along, always wanting to talk with an objective person that is neither a friend nor family. Issues like divorce, a terrible post-divorce relationship, dealing with teenage daughters on my own for a time, an almost debilitating health issue and then a later in life relationship breakup which I did not handle well. I started to realize that for all of the years I had been in therapy with the same therapist, I was never taught the tools to deal with these situations as they arose and continued to react in the same way; Depression and blame.

At the time, I was searching for another method to handle all of life’s current difficulties and asked JoAnn to do a “Spiritual Life Coaching” session with me. I immediately learned a different way to look at situations I am thrown into and how to be kinder to myself and remind me that I deserve all the good things that seemed to come to others but not me. She taught me to basically take my way of thinking and retrain my brain to react in a positive way and not take other people’s issues to heart and to protect myself better. I learned how to manifest all the good things that I want and deserve and she trained me with the life skills I have been lacking in my life.

As a result of working with JoAnn, I have a more positive spin on life and am walking through life grateful. I cannot recommend her enough. JoAnn is a game changer for anyone wanting to transform their life.