Finding Your Flow Through Your Chakras ebook


a 20-page ebook explaining the importance of balanced chakras and foods that will allow you to enhance those chakra spaces.



Through a greater understanding of the Chakras and the powerful energy that swirls within you, one can strengthen their ability to find truth. By knowing the proper foods to strengthen each Chakra you can energize your mind body and spirit by doing so. The power is within you to uncover the magnificence that’s within your soul that can lead you to a greater spiritual awakening.

Finding Your Flow Through Your Chakras is a top-notch guide to understanding the balance of your chakras.

You will get better information about:

• Seeking Truth and Understanding
• Going Within to Find Answers
• Understanding the 7 Chakra System and Their Needs
• Herbal Teas, Herbs, & Spices and Their Benefits
• Final Thoughts & References


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