vibrational healing

When we are conceived, we grow within our Mother’s womb. Everything a Mother is feeling and experiencing in her life at that time transfers energetically into you. If your Mother lived her life in a state of constant stress, you as the embryo, felt it. Your Mother may have struggled with depression, anxiety, alcohol, drugs, […]

In our previous blog we talked about what it means to Raise Your Vibrational Energy. We concluded our discussion by briefly going over one of the methods you can use to restore your essential being back to their heightened states. This week, we’re going to discuss another popular and effective technique called meditation that people […]

For centuries, sages and spiritual leaders of the East taught that humans were beings of light contained in material vessels we call our bodies. Now, with modern advancements in science and the development of quantum theory we realize just how accurate they were. By the 20th century, scientists all around the world agreed that atoms, […]

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