Is this your first visit to a spiritual life coaching and sound healing practice’s website?  Before you book, get a better understanding of the process and The Trends in Today’s Market for Life Coaching and explore these Frequently Asked Questions to guide you in the process.

JoAnn is available for sessions via Skype, phone, or in person.

• Tuesday – Friday 9am – 2pm
• Tuesday – Friday 4pm – 7pm

Please call 901-337-7127 to get session pricing.  For corporate workshop consultations, please click the schedule appointment button below.

Spiritual Life Coaching

This coaching session is for helping you remove blocks that are keeping you from healing and moving forward in your life. The magic of releasing these blocks is guiding you to raise your vibrational frequency. This is a one-hour session, and it will be done over Skype or phone.


Sound, Breath, and Chakra Energy Healing

This session is for those that have blocked energy in their Chakra System. Through sound, JoAnn will clear blocks through the art of toning and using vibration to stimulate the opening and healing of the 7 energy centers. This session can be 30 to 60 minutes and is performed in person.


Loving Heart Centered Vibrational Energy

This session is geared to opening the heart chakra to transform you to move yourself into a more loving space.  JoAnn will use sound and breath work to guide you into a transformative space to open the heart chakra and enter a space of love and light. Session are performed in person.


Corporate Workshops

Do you have high turn over rates related to employee unhappiness from stress, depression, anxiety, or illness?  JoAnn Kisler’s corporate workshops can provide your employees with stress management and ways to aide with anxiety, depression and even illness related to the work environment.  JoAnn will provide your employees with breath work exercises that help employees go from high stress to low stress by simple breathing techniques and other stress related approaches.  If you’d like to have JoAnn speak with you employees about managing stress, depression, and anxiety from the work environment then contact her to provide the full package to your HR department lead.

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