When we are conceived, we grow within our Mother’s womb. Everything a Mother is feeling and experiencing in her life at that time transfers energetically into you. If your Mother lived her life in a state of constant stress, you as the embryo, felt it. Your Mother may have struggled with depression, anxiety, alcohol, drugs, […]

What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about life from a “Place of Grace?” Some of the words and phrases that I think of are: A Divine State of Being Elegance Refinement Strength and Ability to Endure Forgiving Heart Standing in a Place of Being Without Judgment Self Love Gratitude for […]

How many moments in your life have you felt empty, depressed, alone, frightened, indecisive, grief-stricken, or just wished you had a friend? Of course, you have! All of these moments have happened to most of us. Many times you have experienced not being able to talk or share how you are feeling with family members […]

There comes a time in all our lives when it is necessary to ponder, access, and clean our minds of the debris we have collected over lifetimes. Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that at one time took us to extremes become no longer important as we awaken to a higher state of consciousness. Learning to ‘be” […]