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JoAnn Kisler is an empath who has gone beyond the exploration of herself by fulfilling a master’s degree in Metaphysics and is nearing completion of her Doctorate.  Through her journey of self-exploration, she was guided to expand to others to fulfill her mission in life.  JoAnn serves this mission as a spiritual life coach, energy healer, and yoga teacher and light worker for humanity.

JoAnn resides in Memphis, Tennessee which she says is a city whose energy source needs uplifting and her work is an effort to make that shift happen. Now 19 years after her arrival, she says the city has made huge strides to improve the city’s core.

JoAnn specializes in Yhandi Inner Child Healing. The process of Yhandi Inner Child Healing is a one on one, 3-day process to unlock trauma from childhood, bringing together the inner child and adult to bring healing between the two.

Her experience with Yhandi Inner Child Healing led her to find peace with her own Inner Child and to form her first workshop, “In My Mother’s Eyes”.

Along the way, during her studies in Metaphysics, she found that healing provides the soul with peace and that every human struggling with understanding their inner self.  JoAnn explains her childhood was difficult and that difficult childhood made her an informed adult who was leaps and bounds ahead of her peers.  Her experiences allowed her to understand her spiritual self and her knowledge was gifted to help others struggling with the same relationships.

“In My Mother’s Eyes” guides a woman to transition and transform the conflictive negative energy between female souls; mothers and daughters, mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, sisters, and grandmothers and granddaughters, for healing and living in a heart space of love.

JoAnn describes herself as a travelholic and foodie because of her love for exploration of out of the way places, culture, food, and art.  She also enjoys spiritual quotes and meditation. Her strong spirit is a cross between free-thinking Auntie Mame and the Unsinkable Molly Brown, whose “strong will” and “can-do-spirit” get her through anything.

As a coach and workshop facilitator, JoAnn’s goal is to take her work on the road to reach more people in different environments. JoAnn says, “I want to serve people and help them heal.  Everyone deserves to live a life of happiness and self-worth.”  Her workshops provide guidance to those who are seeking transformation.

JoAnn provides individual sessions in spiritual life coaching, Yhandi Inner Child Healing and group workshops in Sound, Breath, and Chakra Healing.  If you are interested in having JoAnn present “In My Mother’s Eyes” please contact by phone 901-337-7127 or email